1. The course has 18 numbered holes. It is necessary to complete holes in number order without skipping any. Holes are connected by paths that lead to the next hole in order.

2. Adventure golf can be played by individual players or groups. Maximum recommended number of players on one hole is 4.

3. When playing in a group, players decide at the beginning of the game on the order in which they will play during the game.

4. The objective of the game is to get the ball into each hole in as few strokes as possible. The player with the fewest strokes wins.

5. The game on the hole begins in the area in front of the curb. The player can place the ball anywhere in this area.

6. In case the ball is knocked out of bounds, the player gets one penalty stroke. The player can place the ball back at the point of exit, approximately 15cm from the curb.

7. In case the ball stops in close proximity to a rock, the player may place the ball 15cm from the edge of the rock without a penalty.

8. It is not allowed to play from water obstacles. Ask the staff for a new ball.­