Shell massage – face

This luxurious massage from Fiji relaxes and regenerates. Thanks to the smooth shell energy it is a very pleasant and aesthetic experience. The warmth radiating from the shells heats up skin so it is able to absorb moisturisers and special oils. During the massage a special oil containing 24 carat gold is applied. The combination of cocoa butter and luxurious oils is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals. Chocolate extract congests, smooths and softens the skin. It also prevents drying of skin and brings back its moisture. The smell of chocolate sooths stress symptoms. The gold prevents unwanted loss of collagen and influences elastane’s structure. It also eliminates wrinkles and visibly rejuvenates the skin. Gold molecules in combination with collagen and hyaluronic acid contained in the mask efficiently activate microcirculation, renew skin cells, fight against aging and free radicals. Immediately after the application of the maskskin becomes firmer, more flexible and fine wrinkles are reduced.

Chocolate massage

This kind of massage could be regarded as the queen of massage and beauty procedures. Its effects on skin are unique. It smoothes and beautifies the skin, helps against cellulite, contributes to good mood, detoxication or relaxation of stiff muscles. The massage and the chocolate pack harmonize the body with the help of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants absorbed through the skin.

Massage for mothers-to-be

This is a sensitive relaxation massage, which brings mothers-to-be mental well-being as well as immediate relief from pains in the small of the back and swellings of lower limbs.

Hot (lava) stones massage

It belongs among the most suitable therapies for overall body relaxation and regeneration. The massage is carried out with the help of special massaging grips and hot lava stones. Hot stones massage brings relaxation, removes tension and stress, improves blood circulation and metabolism, and harmonizes meridians and chakras.

Reflex massage

This massage is one of the reflexology therapies. It uses pressure on particular nerve-endings on feet, which correspond to every part, organ or gland of the body. It is also possible to affect the end points of energy lines and thus to improve function of all body systems.

Classical massage

Now and then everybody needs to forget their problems and relax. Classical massage stimulates blood circulation, relaxation and energy flow in muscles, tendons and skin. It relieves pain, stress etc. This massage will free you from everyday stress and bring back your lost energy.

Shell massage – body

This massage with natural shells originates on Fiji island. It brings relaxation, removes toxins, relaxes stiff muscles and improves activity of the lymphatic system. An important part of the therapy are continuously warming sea shells and their fluent movement over the body imitating waves on the seashore (the shells can also be used cold or in combination of both cold and hot). Sea shells combine elements of water, earth and fire. They bring tender warmth into the massage. This warmth improves absorption of moisturising agents and essential oils into skin which results in firmer and flexible looking skin.

(Vacuum massage)

Cupping is based on the impact of suction on hypodermic tissues, which improves blood and lymph circulation in the particular area. It also makes use of neural lines to reduce pain and to release muscle spasms in the area of vertebral blockage. The cups remove inflammation out of the weakened areas and the organism starts to work properly. It has been proved that cupping boosts the immunity, too. It can be combined with classical massage.

Scented candle massage

Scented candle massage belongs to the area of aroma therapy. The soothing massage has a positive influence on your body. It helps to relax stiff muscles, relieves headaches and stimulates blood circulation. The scented candle massage is a combination of very soft touches, thorough massaging and the scent of a burning scented candle. It helps against insomnia and anxiety focusing on tension relief and overall organism boost.

Honey detoxication massage

The advantage of this kind of massage is the fusion of a massage therapy, improvement of blood circulation, extraordinary effects of honey and organism detoxication right through your skin. Thanks to special hand movements old sediments and toxins are released from body tissues. It is recommended in cases of exhaustion, mental strain and neural disorders.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a special kind of classical massage. It relaxes muscles, improves muscle tension, blood as well as lymph circulation and stretches bonding tissues in joints. The massage is carried out in higher tempo with more intensive pressure and frequency of individual touches. It is suitable for both trained as well as untrained individuals before and after an excessive physical activity.

Shell massage – anti-cellulite

This special anti-cellulite massage brings not only relaxation but has aesthetic effects as well.The massage is carried out with scallops and a natural oil. The irregular surface and bumpsof the scallops help to break fat cells. The skin is red and congested. Natural oils are absorbed into skin and it becomes firmer and more flexible. The massage removes dead cells, releases toxins from the body, sooths stiff muscles and improves lymphatic system. Regular repetition of the massage ensures reduction of cellulite cells.

Peat pack

The pack is used for a local thermal therapy as a supportive means of treatment of rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases of joints or injured intervertebral discs. It is also recommended for treatment of insufficient congestion and muscle pains, weakened immunity and working overload.

Paraffin hands wrap

Paraffin hands wrap combines medical as well as aesthetic treatment. Warm paraffin with natural essences hydrates deeply, nourishes and protects skin and helps absorbing of effective substances in hypodermis. The result is a younger, softer and firmer skin.

Beeswax pack

An exceptional thermal pack from beeswax combines light warmth and aromatic scent. Warming of the beeswax plate is light and intensive, releasing its typical scent. The application of the beeswax plate increases the beneficial effect in case of muscle pains, rheumatic diseases, headaches and migraines. It positively effects body´s thermo regulation as well.